Thursday, March 17, 2011

Next step in your Spring Cleaning

Are you ready to throw open those windows and enjoy the fresh Spring air? I am! Only problem is that the air might not be so fresh coming through filthy window tracks and door ways. If you think I am being overly OCD about this area, it may have been a while since you opened your windows and took a peek. YUCK!

First thing is to get out the best vacuum you have and get the smallest attachment. Take some time and really get out as much of the loose dirt that you can, it will make things MUCH easier when we start adding moisture.

While the vacuum and attachments are still out, use it on top of all doorways and door frames. Obviously if there is stuck on dirt, a clean rag or Magic Eraser will be necessary.

Now, getting the gunk and grime out of and off the window tracks and doorways does require some time and elbow grease, but it can be very rewarding.

If you have a Shark Pocket Steamer, this is my favorite place to use it! Shoot that steam right into the window tracks and entry ways and you will blast yourself to shinny happiness.
If you don’t have a steamer, you can still get it just as clean, just use more elbow grease. Get out your cleaning toothbrush, rags, and HOT water with cleaning solution and go to town.

While steaming out the tracks, also go over the screens. If you feel up to it, pop them out, and scrub them on the driveway like my mother used to do. That is a bit much for even me, though if you are up for it, more power to you!
My last touch on window trim and doorways may be a bit over the top for you, but it can really be the icing on the cake. Touch up/re-do paint on the trim, and re-caulk any necessary areas.

With a little effort you’re going to open up those windows and doors, and be greeted with the CLEAN Spring air.

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