Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Zarbees Update

Last week I told you about the blogging review that I went to for Zarbees all natural cough syrup.  I forgot to mention another product that they gave me to try, their new Natraflu Comfort Drink.  This is a powdered mixture that you mix with 1/4 of warm water to make a soothing night time drink.

My oldest had a cough last week, and we used the Zarbee's cough syrup during the day.  Now that the symptoms have disappeared during the day, she has had a lingering cough during the night.  I gave her this drink mixture before bed the past few nights.  She had so problem drinking the grape flavored drink, and with its added melatonin (an all natural sleep aid), my daughter slept through the night and was cough free! 

I love being able to review products that I actually use in my home and have had success with!

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