Monthly Focus

Clear the clutter is focused on clearing the clutter from our homes and our lives in order to decrease the feeling of, "I never seem to get around to..."

You can have it all, just not all at the same time!  By focusing on different areas every month it allows us to accomplish what we want, but also gives "permission" to leave other areas to wait until their focus month comes up. 

As you progress, you will find that more things are being accomplished with less worry and guilt of what is not being accomplished...yet!

Monthly Focuses

January:  Household Projects
February:  Love
March:  Spring Cleaning
April:  Emergency Preparedness
May:  Garage, shed, and yard work
June:  Summer - season change
July:  Food storage and coupons
August:  Back to school
September:  I've been meaning to...
October:  Craft Organization
November:  Holiday Organization
December:  Family Time