About Me

I am a wife to my highschool sweet heart and mother to two beautiful red head girls (9 and 5). Life is busy in our family with; soccer games, volunteering at school, book clubs, girls' nights out, date nights, family time, household projects, shopping, etc., etc., etc. 
I love a clean and organized home (who doesn't), and do my best to minimize the unnecessary clutter from my life. I am learning to say, "no", and "help", and to lean on my wonderful friends and family who are always ready to lend a shoulder, or just some Diet Coke and chocolate!

 I enjoy giving help and advice and have found that many have benefited from my ideas. I hope you enjoy them too!

I would love to hear from you and answer any of your questions on organization, household projects, couponing, etc.
e-mail me at: caldiero97@netzero.com

Thank you!