Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Zarbees Cough Syrup Product Review

I was invited to learn more about Zarbees cough syrup last week and to let all of you know what I think. I knew about Zarbees before it hit the mainstream market because the developers were in my neighborhood, and samples were shared!
After the FDA put the smackdown on the children's cough medication that most of us typically turn to, options were seriously limited. Zarbees does not fit into the traditional cough syrup mold because it is all natural.

A study done at Penn State (woo hoo!) showed that buckwheat honey was more effective than childrens cough syrup. Dr. Zarbock (a Utah based pediatrician) was lead to develop Zarbees, combining this honey benefit with natural vitamins to aid in the recovery process.
At a blogging event we were given a taste test of their various products, quite a site! Because this is a natural product, we could easily sample without any risk. The product comes in cherry, grape, and lemon. It is much thinner than I thought it would be, and easily went down. It is medicine, so I wouldn’t call it “yummy”, but certainly doable, even for my gag prone girls.

They have recently developed a night time product that combines a small amount of melatonin (a natural sleep aid) for your child to stop coughing and sleep through the night!

You can find their product at: , Walgreens, and Associated Food Stores. They are also on facebook:

Amazingly they also have an “on-call” nurse for your pediatric health questions as well! You can find her on Twitter @ZarBeesNurse. Who doesn’t want to have their questions like, “my child had been coughing and had a runny nose for 7 days, is it time to go to the doctor (and pay the huge co-pay), or is this still viral and we need to tough it out a little longer?”.

Try them out the next time your child has a cough. It has worked well in our home, and may in yours as well.

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Anonymous said...

I am so jealous you got to do this. I would love to test products and give them my opinion. Anyway..I want to give my endorsement. Zarbees really does work. It is amazing!