Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finding the Hidden Dust

Where does all of this dust come from? Do you ask that question frequently? I do! No matter how great of a dusting job you do, it will ALWAYS come back, and unfortunately much more quickly than you want it to.
Other than the routine dusting that we all try to get to, the only way to address the dust is to find where it likes to hide, the places that we don’t always think of.

By getting to those areas during Spring cleaning, it will cut down on the dust throughout the rest of the year as well.

Spring Cleaning presents the opportunity for us to get around to cleaning the areas that we don’t always think of, but know we should get around to.

My to do list for Spring Cleaning in regards to dusting is as follows:

• Pull out and clean behind the:
Large pieces of furniture
• Vacuum corners of ceilings and baseboards with vacuum attachments
• Pull off all vents and clean/vacuum them out
• Dust tops of all cabinets and fridge
• Remove light fixtures, wash, and replace
• Dust all fans
• Vacuum lap shades with vacuum attachments

I find dusting to be tedious and frustrating, but when it comes to Spring Clean dusting, it can be quite rewarding.  It will amaze you how much cleaner your home will feel when you get to these frequently skipped areas.

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