Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Cleaning, Must Have Supplies

It is almost Spring, time to prepare for the big Spring Clean. Having all of the necessary supplies on hand will make for a more productive cleaning session, so here are the basics you will need:

1. Cleaning toothbrush
2. Tooth picks
3. Vinegar
4. Anti-bacterial cleaning solution
5. Abrasive cleaner and a good scrubbing sponge
6. Glass cleaner
7. Quality vacuum with attachments

Optional Items:

1. Rubber gloves (protect that manicure!)
2. Steam Cleaner (I LOVE my Shark Pocket Steamer)
3. Swiffer type of mop and plenty of rags

Most of these basic items you will have on hand, and although you can get the job done without the optional items, having them will make the chores MUCH easier. Spring Cleaning for me is about getting to those areas that we don’t always get around to, and doing a deeper clean on those that we clean more frequently. Come on, dig in and get a good Spring cleaning done, it will really pay off when you are spending all of your free time outside when the good weather finally arrives!


NatalieHemingway said...

am I the only one wondering what you're cleaning with a toothpick???

Clear the clutter said...

nooks and crannies :)