Saturday, February 12, 2011

Loving to shop (again!)

Do you love to shop?  Most of us have said "yes" at one time in our lives, but to mothers of young children...not so much. 

I still remember my first shopping "spree" after being a new mom.  I wanted some new boots, but they were $65, and all I could think was, "Do you know how much I get for my baby for $65!".  This was nine years ago, but still.  I got the boots, but didn't wear them for 4 days until I had tried them on with everything I owned, reminding myself how much use I would get out of them.

Pre-kids, however, I would shop for hours, laughing with girlfriends, or my wonderful sister.  Driving from shop to shop was not unusual, and stopping for a small bite along the way was a frequent treat as well.
Once you are a mother, shopping becomes one of the "have to", rather than the "get to".  Even if it is shopping for a new outfit for yourself, it is something that has to be fit into the day between feedings, naps, laundry, cleaning, all the while trying to find your baby's "happiest" mood to aim for a tolerable shopping attempt.

Finally getting to the store, only to find you have not mastered the breastfeeding timing, thereby having sprung a leak, has happened to most, as well as having to leave a full cart because the infant screams could not be tolerated by your scattered mind any longer, and home seemed the only logical response.

Taking your time to leisurely try on each chosen item to find the perfect size, and determine the best selection from the pile of options... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, yea right!  Add more than one child to the mix and you are lucky to get any clothing (be it the right size or even your desired style) home for at all.

Here is what worked the best for me, BUY IT ALL!!  That's right, can't decide between two killer pair of heels?  Get both.  Not sure what size you are after the "joys" of motherhood have settled in...take home a few different sizes.  When you get a second during nap time, or if hubby is nice enough to take the baby for a while... try things on in your own home that is much more spacious than any dressing room.  Take the time to check out your purchases from every angle, and see how things coordinate with your current wardrobe.  After you have taken sufficient time to feel comfortable with your selections, take the rest BACK. 

If you were like me, despite the struggle to get out the door, I NEEDED to get out at least  few times a week, so it was much better for me to spend a short amount of time in the return line than it was hurrying to make decisions in a 4x4 changing room with a screaming child (and perhaps an older sibling crawling under the dividers, telling you the color underwear of your fellow shoppers).

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