Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Saying Thank You!

I received a thank you note in my mailbox today.  It was from a friend I had taken a meal to on Friday, she got out of the hospital the day before.  Can you believe how speedy she was during her recovery?
Who doesn't love a heartfelt thank you?  I have been lucky enough to receive some thank yous that were so touching that I have saved them in my scrapbook (me, the girl who holds on to next to nothing).

I have gone through fazes of successful and unsuccessful timely thank yous, or sadly, even doing them at all.  The easiest way to stay on top of them?  Don't use/put away the gift until the note is done.  When I had my girls and the frilly outfits were flowing in, it was hard to remember what I had received through the post delivery hormones.  Having those things out (in my typically uncluttered home) made it a constant reminder for me to quickly sit down and take care of thanking those who have been so kind to help me.

By staying on top of it, we ALL feel better.  Less guilt for us, and showing our appreciation for our friends and loved ones.

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Anonymous said...

I love this post : ) When I have an "event" in my life where I will be writing several thank you notes...I make a list of people's names on a pad of paper. As the gifts, meals, flowers, etc come in, I add their names to the "list" That way I dont forget anyone. I love giving thank you notes. I think it is VERY important