Monday, February 7, 2011

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Most of us have so much, too much usually.  Today I decided to weed through my clothing with a more discerning eye than usual.  I pulled out over 30 items (clothing and shoes) from my closet for donation.  I don't have an overly large wardrobe, but we all have clothes that we haven't worn in a while taking up space in our closets.  These items are doing nothing for us (except collecting dust and taking up space), but could be of great benefit to others.
While cleaning out my closet, my four year old excitedly asked, "Can I find toys from my room to give to other children?", SURE!  By being a good example of sharing our resources (or clutter depending on how your view it), our children will quickly catch the vision of charity as well.  It will bring blessings to our lives, bless others, and will clear more of that clutter out of our way!

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