Saturday, November 20, 2010


In my 32 years on this planet, I think I can count on my two hands the number of times that I have had a "traditional homemade" Thanksgiving.  Because our family lived in a different state from the rest of our relatives, we came up with our own way of doing Thanksgiving - going out! 

We found a resort up a local canyon and had a wonderful FEAST!  We would get new clothes, and arrive relaxed, all dressed up, and ready for the wonderful meal that was prepared for us.  After our meal, we checked into the resort and continued the relaxing.  Lounging around, swimming, hayrides, movies, and quality family time.  HEAVEN!!!

Over the past several years, our family has had a parting of ways with our dream location, and have had a hard time adjusting.  This has resulted in more Thanksgivings at home.  Now, maybe those of you who have done this all of your life are used to it, but I am here to say, this one meal is a TON of work!

Developing a menu for this year's meal was delegated to me.  Because we are used to amazing buffet tables with every option under the sun available to us in plenty, the requests for menu items have been EXTENSIVE.  Six different desserts for 10 people, really?!?!?

No, I am not making the entire meal, there are two other wonder women who are on my same team, but this is still a big job.  My suggestion - outsource!!  There are numerous bakeries ready and willing to make the rolls and desserts for you, why not call on their help? 

Yes, there are some special recipes that not even "professionals" can duplicate, but realistically, many basics can.  Even if it cuts down on only half of the SIX desserts that I have to coordinate, that is time and stress saved for me, and maybe for you too!

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