Monday, November 15, 2010

Keep it together!

"Where do you keep it all?", everyone asks me when they hear how many holiday decorations I have.  I keep it all together.  All the of Halloween decorations, coloring books, and stuffed animals are in the same container under the stairs in the basement.  The instructions to make the darling marshmallow bunnies for Easter, as well as the Bunny Mr. Potato Head are all in the Easter container.
Holidays come with so many things to match the holiday; salt and pepper shakers, magnets, toys, coloring books, and movies.  Keep them all together with their specific holiday in one container (or more depending how much you have for each holiday). 
It is amazing how excited my children get about a puzzle that they have done every Christmas season, but because it has been put away all year, it seems new to them!

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