Sunday, November 21, 2010

One piece at a time

When I was 12 years old, I received a Christmas gift from my grandmother that I will never forget.  It was one place setting of Christmas dishes.  I will admit that it wasn't the most exciting gift, and the card was even depressing to me.  My grandma said that she would be giving me one place setting of these dishes every year for Christmas, and that she hoped some day, when she was gone, I would use them at Christmas time and remember her...WHAT?  Somehow the thought of my grandmother's death didn't mix very well with my holiday spirit.  Each year, I was given a new place setting as promised. 

In my adulthood I have loved the dishes more and more, Christmas, after all is my favorite holiday.  I looked forward to pulling them out each year to lovingly place them in my hutch to be admired for the holiday season.

Last year it finally happened, my first Christmas after my grandmother's death.  I started out in my typical fashion, pulling each piece out.  As  I continued, it was as if each piece was a reminder of my grandma and her love.  I was overcome and broke down with sadness, missing my grandma, but more so, amazement at her thoughtfulness to me that will continue every Christmas.  Even now, typing this story, I am tearing up knowing that I will be pulling those precious dishes out in a few days. 

It is rarely the gift that it given, but the thought behind it that remains.  Thanks to my grandmother's creative gift giving, her thoughts behind her gifts will remain throughout the years. 

Perhaps this is the year for you to start giving a special, lasting gift, one piece at a time. 


Natallee said...

This is so sweet! What a great idea! YOu have a very special grandma! said...

Thank you for reminding me of the special person behind all the Christmas place settings around her grandchildren's tables. There are times when I tear up (or cry) while thinking about her special ways. I hope I will remember this tradition as my own grandchildren turn twelve.