Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A FREE Christmas!

Well, almost.  I wanted to tell you about a great site that I have found.  I have ordered several items throughout the year, and have loved them all.  Most of these items I have saved for Christmas and I am really excited to see the reactions.

Have you heard of Vistaprint?
They are an on-line company that offers personalization of various products.  They also offer several products for FREE, you just have to pay shipping.  Several products you ask?  Yes, I just ordered Christmas cards, a banner, pen, letterhead, T-shirt, tote bag, and 100 postcards all personalized to my specifications and I only paid the shipping!  

Be sure you choose the cheapest shipping option.  They will tell you that it may take up to three weeks for delivery, but in my experience it usually only takes around one week.

What kind of gifts can you make?  I just made a T-shirt for my daughter's pre-school teacher (she does not know about my blog), that has my daughter's picture on it and says "I love Miss Jeri".  How cute is that?

Be creative, have fun, and you just may be able to knock off some of your Christmas gifts for free (or nearly)!  

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Jessica Adlard said...

SOunds awesome! I'll get on there tomorrow! :) Thanks for sharing...