Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reality Check!

I have been LOVING this months focus!  We are one week in now and I have been checking off many items from the list I made of items that I have been meaning to get around to. 

First I started with doing touch up paint all over my house.  I have had a lot of marks around the house that have been driving me crazy.

It wasn't as simple as just a few touch ups.  I have many different colors around my house.  Some of the paint had dried out and I had to get new ones made, others I had run out of and had to get more.

Not every mark was easy to get to, some required a ladder, but it was very gratifying to address all of these little things that have been driving me nuts!
Another item on my list was "Stain more of the bedroom furniture".  In January I stained an old cedar chest from High School, and I really liked the results.  I have been meaning to stain my bedroom furniture to match the chest.  I decided to start with the night stands because they are small and I figured it would be the path of least resistance.

This is my husband's night stand to show you how the furniture looks.

I started with my night stand.  I sanded, and then began staining.  It required multiple coats to achieve my desired look but finally I had it!  Next step, applying the top coat to protect it and give it a little sheen.

 Cleaning up stain and top coat requires paint thinner or mineral spirits and I was out, so off the family went to Home Depot.  While there, I had to choose new hardware for the night stands.  None of the holes matched up to those already in the drawers so after I choose my hardware, I had to find wooden pegs to put into the previous holes.

Dry night stand over night, place the plugs, oh wait, they are slightly too big, AHHH!!  Okay, get out the drill and slightly enlarge the holes, place pegs and carefully hammer them in.  Stain and top coat the pegs.  Drill holes for the new hardware and place on knobs.

Three of the four are placed, then wait...I stripped a screw, @#*&%!!!!  Sprained my wrist, but finally got it out, placed a new one and now have my beautifully finished night stand!
Now on to the next one?  Not on your life!  My goal was to "stain MORE bedroom furniture", and that is what I have done.  I also have not put on makeup or done my hair for two days, I have cans, screws, drills, and tools, all over my house, and I am mentally exhausted from all of the set backs. 

My point is this, accomplishing things is NOT easy for ANYONE.  I think that people assume that "organized people" go through their happy and clean home with little to no difficulties.  WRONG!!!  I did however "choose" this difficulty by tackling this project.  Some of the things that I did along the way made this an "organized project": 

I started small, only one night stand had to be emptied, I didn't start doing all of the drawers in my room at once.

I started early in the day.  I knew this was going to take some time for all of the coats to dry.  Starting late would have made it miserable for everyone. 

I chose a day that was cooler outside.  Yesterday was beautiful and just under 70 degrees, perfect weather to be staining out on the deck.

When I was frustrated by the problems that occurred (and they always do), I kept my focus and pushed through them.

I knew when to stop.  I finished the night stand, but didn't start another one yet.  I may start it tomorrow, or later in the month, but I know that for today, I am done!!


Natallee said...

I love this post! Hilarious! I can so relate. I get so many projects in my to-do list and then half way through I am cursing that I did anything at all... But it is always rewarding a month later or so, when you can look at your completed project with rejuvenated eyes....;)

scrappymead said...

You are SO funny. Love the post. The night stand looks really great though!