Saturday, September 4, 2010

Treat yourself!

How does treating yourself relate to catching up on projects and organization?  If you do not take care of yourself, there is NO WAY you can take care of anything else!

This weekend my parents wanted to take my girls for a sleepover and then an all day Story Telling Festival.  By coincidence, it also happens to be my anniversary tomorrow.  My husband suggested we go to a non Disney movie for the first night.  Good times, and I didn't have to share the popcorn.

For the best treat though, I surprised him and scheduled us for our first ever couples massage.  It was pure heaven!!  A huge perk of the relaxing time though, is that we have not scheduled anything else.  After our massage we have just been moving as slowly and relaxing as much as we want.  Taking naps, snacking on our favorite foods, what could be better?

If you want to have the energy to take care of yourself, your family, and your household, then do something nice for yourself.  I am sure you have been meaning to, but this month, go ahead and do it!  It will be well worth it!!


jessica said...

Thank you for teaching me this! I feel so much better since you taught me this skill. Love you, Jess!

kirstynn evans said...

Hmmm... I will have to try this one out. Joel said that I can have a "celebration weekend" when I wean Smith from nursing. I think Smith must have overheard the conversation, because ever since, he REFUSES bottles, sippys, daddy, sleep, and only wants mommy snuggle time. I just keep imagining myself relaxing by a pool alone, reading a book, while Franc brings me fruity umbrella drinks. I am pretty sure it will be a while until my celabratory weekend. Hmph!