Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How long has it been?

I think that I am fairly on top of things.  There are MANY areas that I could improve on, but most days I feel like I am treading water rather than drowning.  This morning however, I came across an area that has been sorely lacking. 

I was blow drying my hair when I realized that my blow dryer just wasn't working as well as it should.  I turn it off and unplugged it (safety first), and took off the back to see how the filter was doing.  OH MY!!!  There was dust and such completely occluding the holes, I am amazed that any air was getting through at all.  I took a few minutes and cleaned it all out.  It was like having a NEW blow dryer.  My hair is very thick and takes forever to dry, so you would think that I would be better about this.  I just don't think of it until it is a problem I guess.
I was so inspired by my "new" blow dryer, that I cleaned all of my combs and brushes, and then I pulled out my little hand held mirror. 
We all have some sort of mirror that we use to see the back of our heads.  Mine, was a pitiful sight.  It had previously been connected to a makeup compact, so it was probably 2 x 3 inches.  It had the old glue marks on the back, and was all scratched up.  In light of, "I've been meaning to..." this month, I threw it away, and splurged the whole $5.99 and got a new one, the big one with the handle that your hairdresser has.  Silly I know, but I have been really excited about my new found area of improvement in my life.

Go on, check out areas in your life no matter how big or small that could use some second thoughts.  If for some reason you can't think of any, check out your blow dryer.  If you are like me, it is in need of a tune up!

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Q'Ville said...

Jessica: Just checked out your blog last night and am going to Office Max to get in on that deal TODAY. It'll take me a few days to go thru all the past posts, but I'll be following ya, lady. xoxo