Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tangled in cords?

I love the many options that electronics offer me, but I DO NOT like all of the cords and mess that goes with it.  I chose a small secretary style desk for our home computer and I really like it, because it fits our needs perfectly.  However, it did not have anything in the back to hide the cords (or the cute red heads). 

I went to a fabric store and got simple black fabric, hemmed it, and attached it to the desk with craft/fabric Velcro.  I still have very easy access to all of the cords, but I don't have to see them when I don't want to.  I liked the result so much, that I did the same thing for our small entertainment/TV stand.


The Peterson 5 said...

I hate cords too! You can also get these plastic cord covers (it's like a plastic tube)that stick on the wall behind the legs of your desk or along the baseboard,so you can't see them either. I used them in my bathroom for a lamp that plugged in up higher on the wall....then Tyler made a lake & the water ruined the lamp so it doesn't turn on anymore! Good job on your blog!!

Clear the clutter said...

Sally - We have had those too, but I guess we have more cords than most, because our tube was always too think to stay put.

Denise said...

Brilliant idea!