Saturday, July 3, 2010

Snack Cards

"Mom, can I have a snack?" I feel like I am asked this 20 times a day, and my 4 year old is the biggest culprit. PLEASE know she is a healthy little girl, who has MORE than enough to eat. She just likes to ask for snacks when she is bored. My response, snack cards.

I made them in each of my girls favorite colors (pink and teal) with some extra colors for when cousins or friends visit, and then had them laminated. I will give them to my girls (we are going to try starting at 4) for them to "redeem" throughout the day. When they are out, they are out. I am hoping this will GREATLY cut down on boredom based snack requests.


Vanessa said...

Oh my gosh I love this soooo much! I'm totally going to do this. Can I post this on my blog? Sooo cool!

kirstynn evans said...

This is great! I have a "Snack Bar" in my house. It is three jars filled with snacks... goldfish, almonds, animal crackers, pretzels, stuff that is rotatable. Next to them are plastic bowls. The sign reads, "Snack Bar... please ask permission prior to snacking, and snack bar closes every day at 3pm. Enjoy." Nora loves it, and when she has friends over, she offers them snacks. It has saved me from hearing the dreaded "I WANT A SNACK..." Maybe I'll send you a picture... I am sure I have one.