Friday, July 2, 2010

Flip Chart

When my oldest started school, I quickly realized that our morning and night time routines needed some help. I felt like I was constantly fighting to keep her on track, and having to tell her what to do step by step, making it difficult for me to accomplish much during those times. I spoke to a friend's mom who was having similar issues and she told me about a flip chart they used. I knew this would be a BIG help to my family, so this is what I created.
I took 2 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of card stock in a color that matched my girls' bathroom since that is where most of the morning and night time routines happen. I cut both of the sheets in half vertically. On 2 of the halves, I attached a print out I made with "Good Morning", and "Good Night". Then, I made smaller strips with attached clip arts and titles such as "Brush and Floss", or "Put on Pjs". I was able to fit 8 of the most key items to my daughter's routine under the Morning and Night sections.

Then I took all of my items to Kinkos, and had them laminated and spiral bound. I also got a small stand at a craft store to make it easy for my daughter to use.
Now my daughter doesn't have to constantly ask me what she has to do next, and I don't have to ask her what she has done so far, the flip chart tells us both. I love it so much that I take it on vacations with us to keep our routines running smoothly
even away from home.

Kinkos even thought that elderly parents might benefit from a flip chart, or it could be used for daily or weekly chores.
The options are endless. Enjoy!

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kirstynn evans said...

I love it! Nora is perfect for this... do you sell them? Hahaha...