Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Organization for the car

If you are like me, you spend a lot of your time in the family vehicle, which makes it another location that can benefit from some organizational tips. We all know that we need to have the basics, like jumper cables, but it doesn't stop there.

In my van, I have our every day supplies (in the center console area), and our emergency supply
(in a small container in the back of the van).

Supplies to have on hand for every day uses:

Box of tissues
Hand Sanitizer (I have the 32 oz. bottle)
Straws (for when the fast food drive-thru forgets them)
Chargers for phones, and any other necessary electronics
Reusable shopping bags
Pen and paper
Music that everyone will enjoy

I also have our "Reward Bucket" in this area. My reward bucket is a small tin container that I keep stocked with small treats that will not melt in the heat of the car. I use these to encourage good behavior while running errands. My kids aren't as good with delayed gratification, so having it in the car seems to help.

Emergency Supply, kept in an enclosed container in the back area/trunk:

Water bottles
Snacks (for kids and adults)
Cash - in small bills
Wipes (you can never have enough!)
Diapers/Pull-ups (if appropriate for your family needs, and a large ziplock to dispose of them when used)
Paper/pen/crayons (in larger amounts than every day supply)
Emergency blanket (the emergency essentials type)
First aid kit
Roll of toilet paper
Small entertainment items (play dough, small toys, etc.)
Picnic blankets
I have never had a true "emergency" while in my vehicle, but I have used items from my emergency supply several times. When we were rear-ended in a minor accident, my children greatly benefited from the water, snacks, and entertainment items while I dealt with the police and insurance issues. When I forgot my wallet and didn't realize until we were ordering food in the drive-thru, the emergency cash came in very handy. The early Saturday soccer games that were colder than we expected made great use of our picnic blankets.

Take these suggestions and modify them to your family and needs. It only takes once to not have any of these items, before you realize how much easier it can make your life if you have them on hand.


Anna said...

Hey! I saw this blog on FB and had to come check it out. LOVE IT! I feel that I am mostly organized, but am always striving to be MORE organized!

This tip totally reminds me of my mom - she is always so prepared. I have been meaning to put together "emergency" boxes for both cars for years and now I think I will finally do it. Now if only I had a center console big enough to store all the everyday items!

kirstynn evans said...

Great suggestions! It seems like my trunk is full of beach gear, strollers, carriers, and a few replacement outfits. One day I will get that huge SUV that is on my list, and I can continue to stuff it full. This weekend I will be adding some toilet paper though. I love that idea. 32oz of sanitizer in your car? That's A LOT!