Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Make the most of your closet space!

Like most of you, I feel that I have a really small closet. Seriously though, it is VERY small. My main area where I hang all of my shirts and some jackets is about 18 inches, that's it. I have found a great product that really helps me make the most of my space.
Can you believe that I have 61 garments hung in this small space?!?! I recently re-organized my closet when I found a new line of closet organizers at Bed Bath and Beyond. The brand is "Real Simple", just like the magazine, and so far I have LOVED every product that I have bought. For this post though,
I will focus on their hangers.

The Slimline hangers are amazing! You can get a box of 50 for $29.99, and I swear that once you try them, you will want to throw away all of your old hangers and trade up. They are very slim, which allows more to fit in your closet, but, they are also stackable. I can stack about 5 garments on each other, depending on the weight of the items. They are made of a velvet type of fabric that prevents the garments from slipping off, which is one of my favorite features! You can also hook belts/ties
through them to keep things together.

Try them out and let me know what you think. They have made a BIG difference for me and my small closet.


Natallee said...

OH I LOVE this idea!! I am going to ask for these hangers for Christmas. Is that bad to start my Christmas list in July? ;)

kirstynn evans said...

My problem is my shoes. Any suggestions? Maybe they are in a newer post... I haven't gotten that far yet.