Thursday, July 8, 2010

Buried in accessories?

If you have girls, you have accessories and they can cause a lot of clutter in the bathroom. I thought I had a good system in place for all of the bows, headbands, and flowers. Most of us use the hanging ribbon technique for the bows, flowers, and clips.
Mine has worked great, but what about all of the headbands? I put ours in a cabinet and use extra towels as the "holder". I fold and roll towels into the length that will fit my cabinets and stack/wrap the headbands around them.
When it came to all of the rubberbands and clips I just put them in a drawer,and figured it would work. It did not. Do your bathroom drawers look like this?
Because I help people with their organizational problem areas, I have a lot of great containers on hand so I am prepared for my appointments. This time, I dipped into my stash and fixed a problem area in my girls' bathroom.
For about $4.00, my "problem area" is fixed! I organized these items by color, because that is usually how we look for them, depending on the outfits my girls are wearing that day. Now we can all enjoy the accessories without all of the clutter!


Amy said...

Such a creative idea to use towels! I'm impressed!

kirstynn evans said...

I think I ruined Nora. I put hair pretties in her all the time, and now she HATES them! On the one hand, it makes me sad, but on the other, she keeps it simple, and it makes me rejoice! Short hair... thats my solution!