Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wash Behind Your Ears!

How many times do you start a new project or cleaning task, and end up missing some of the smaller things that end up making a big difference...kind of like washing behind your ears (or so every mom says!)?

Along those lines, here is my list of frequently missed items from Spring Cleaning:

Remove all draperies and wash/dry clean them.
Wash/dry clean throw pillows (if you have made covers like I have), or, if they are spot clean only, it may be time for new throw pillows!
Clean all of your garbage cans - I prefer taking the household cans and putting them in the bath tub to clean.
Clean under your kitchen sink, (I REALLY need to do this one!).
Then there are the BIG boys:
Clean or have your carpets cleaned.

Clean or have your windows cleaned.
Spring is officially here, and although the weather isn't as warm as we all want it to be, getting the deep cleaning done will make it easier to be that free spirit when the spring warmth hits us!

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