Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Change it up!

I do know that LARGE household projects are not always possible.  Finances, time, and lack of motivation can plague each of us.  A really easy project that I did last night, I switched up and weeded through my kitchen accessories!

Do you have the same candle on the same tray for the past 5 years (or more)?  It takes no money at all to minimize.  I think many times we add to our accessories, but we don't always take some away.

We would all like a fresh a new room/house, right? Accessories can make such a difference!  It may be as simple as changing the location or quantity of your most favorite accessories.  Then, clear out the rest!  It will be a great start to a great new year!


Anonymous said...

Such a great idea. I get so bored with my accessories, I usually change them up at least once a month. I know...crazy.

Q'Ville said...

i USE my candels. Yankee is the best. :D