Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Remember your heritage!

The focus of December is Family Time, which is perfect for the month of Christmas.  This is a time to spend with family and create traditions.  Our heritage is a great jumping off point for quality family time. 

I am very fortunate that my husband is a first generation American.  We don't have to google the traditions of his ancestors, we can just ask his parents.

My father-in-law is Sicilian, and most of my husband's  family traditions are based in Sicily.  I have incorporated a special Christmas Eve tradition that my husband grew up with into our family. 
This is the Fontanini nativity set.  They are similar to the set that my in-laws have.  The main reason that I started collecting these nativity pieces is because of their baby Jesus.  Jesus is separate from the bed that he rests in.  In Sicily, Jesus is not placed in the manger until Christmas Eve. 

I will be honest, these pieces are not cheap.  I have been buying one piece a year for several years, and this year I think I am finally done!  There are so many options, you can really customize however you would like your nativity to be.  I have loved them so much, that I have been giving my sister one piece a year for the past several Christmases.

The tradition that has made for wonderful family time and memories is built around these nativity pieces.  We talk as a family about the focus of Christ during this holiday season, and the empty manger is a constant reminder.  On Christmas Eve we have a Sicilian feast, at the end of the night we gather around the nativity, sing Silent Night, and place the Christ child.  It is a wonderful start to what can be a hectic holiday. 

I know that we all have diverse backgrounds with strong heritages.  During this month of Family Time and traditions, learn more, or focus on some traditions of your heritage, and enjoy the memories that follow!

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