Monday, December 6, 2010

Do Fings!!!

Don't you love the cute ways toddlers interpret what we say?  "Two things", has become a moment that my family looks forward to every night.  My youngest though, couldn't pronounce it, and, to her, it became "do fings".

We all have adopted ideas to incorporate into our routines, in a constant effort to improve our homes.  Some of these ideas stick, and others don't.  Some make an instant difference, others may take a while before seeing the positive influence. 

I became tired of feeling that my home was full of complaining.  Gratitude for our many blessings seemed hidden behind the carnival of life.  Thus began my effort for us to connect with the positive.  Each night before our family prayer, we begin from youngest to oldest, stating the two things that we are most grateful for from that day.

I have been amazed and touched by this experience.  There were many a groan when we began, but now, there is not one member of my family would sleep peacefully without knowing what has mattered most to the ones that we love the most. 

Many days we list things such as; playing with friends, a successful meeting, or a fun TV show.  An overall theme has come forward from each person though, and it has meant so much to learn that what REALLY matters to my family are the things that do matter the most.  Time together, a beautiful sunset,  extended family, and our warm home have been mentioned more frequently than I would ever have imagined.

During this December, when we should all be focusing on Family Time, try listing your "Do Fings" with your family, and enjoy seeing what really matters to the ones you love.

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Jessica Adlard said...

LOVE this, Jessica! I have recently adopted a bedtime routine where as kissing each child goodnight, I tell them one thing that I love about them and especially noticed that day. We could always use more gratitude and more compliments each day. Love it, thanks!