Wednesday, October 6, 2010

When life gives us a detour

Do you ever feel as though life has given you a detour?  You may be progressing along happily in your life, then BAM!!!  Or, you may have been aware a change was coming but it might derail you more than you thought.

I got back from the hospital yesterday, I knew I was going to have surgery and even chose the date.  I knew that my life and my family routine would change quite a bit.  Funny though, I thought I would be able to keep up on the blog while it was all going on.

I am recovering, and my family is doing very well.  My mind and personality though, are not the same right now.  You would be amazed at how calm and quiet I am, amazing what pain medication can do.  Right now, I am having a difficult time putting my thoughts into words and then putting them on the blog - even though I have a schedule all typed out for myself.

Hang in there with me during this detour.  Life will go back to "normal" soon, I am sure, and then we will all get on with our craft organization.


kirstynn evans said...
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kirstynn evans said...


I AM Amazed! You are AMAZING! Your in my cluttered thoughts... and prayers. This will be a good opportunity to... RE-LAX. ("Do you know the meaning of RE-LAX" -Aaron Caldiero, of wife Jessica, at some family function sometime...) Love you!!!!