Friday, October 15, 2010

What to buy?

I admit it, I love to shop, shocker I know.  I, however, am guessing that I wonder breathless and starry eyed in a different department than you do... the HOME ORGANIZATION department!!!  All of the bins, containers, drawers, and plastic dividers make me a very happy camper!!!

I have learned that many people feel that if they purchase a lot of organization equipment, they will be or become organized.  Although I have a lot of products that I really like, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money purchasing items in order to be organized. 

Purchasing some key items however, will make a big difference.  Knowing that, let's go over the most typical sale prices of key items so that you will be able to recognize a good deal when you see one.

One tip before you go to the stores - keeping your storage containers in the same color will give a less cluttered look.  Either purchase all items in the same color, or have the same color for each area or room.

The three drawered cart:
These are currently on sale for $9.99 at Walmart, Target, and K-mart.  They vary slightly in size and color options, but know that because this item is on sale so frequently, don't pay more than $9.99 for it.

Fabric Bins:
I LOVE these bins, they are great almost everywhere.  They can be REALLY expensive though.  These are on sale at Target this week for $5.99 each, NOT a great deal.  K-mart frequently has them on sale for $2.99 in a bunch of colors, so wait for that sale.

Bins, Totes, and Containers:
These come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  My favorites are clear, with the latches on the sides.  It doesn't seem to really matter the brand, but it is this style that I have had the best success with, but they do typically cost more. 

For the most part any item is better than nothing.  I do not recommend paying more for the under bed bins with wheels.  Most of us have carpet in the bedroom, so they would slide under the bed easily without wheels, why pay more? 

Each store varies greatly on sizes and prices.  I find it really confusing because they list them in so many different sizes and quarts vs. gallon.  I have broken it down for all of us. 

Here is what is available this week from 1 star to 5 stars, 5 being the best price:

34 Quart Container:  $5   **** 
65 Quart Container:  $6  *****
20 Gallon Container:  $6 *****
90 Quart Container:  $8  *****

17  Gallon Tote $5.88  *****
26 Quart Sweater Box $5.88  ***

56 Quart Clear box $5.88  ****
30 Quart Ultra Latch $5.88  ***
16 Quart Drawer $5.88  *

17 Gallon latching tote $3.99  ***** 
66 Quart latching tote $5  *****
20 Gallon latching tote $5  *****

60 Quart under bed storage
(clear with wheels) $12.99  ***
17 Quart “Omni” box (clear) $3.99  ***
26 Quart “Omni” box (clear) $5.99  ***

A lot of information, but I hope that it helps!

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Amy said...

Thanks! I've been wanting to buy some storage bins, but I never know if I'm getting a good price. I think I'll head to Target!