Thursday, September 23, 2010

Start now and enjoy later!!!

It is NO secret that I adore Christmas.  For me it really is the most wonderful time of the year!  I look forward to it, and I plan for it at least half of the year. 

Today I did something to make for a happier holiday season.  Our family had our Christmas card pictures taken.  Yes, it may seem a little crazy to think about Christmas cards in September, but for me, it is a lot better than stressing about it in December.
I know that the holiday season is something that many dread for a number of reasons.  It is a very busy time, and it can bring a lot of stress.  By spreading out some of the financial burdens and the laundry list of tasks it can make for a more enjoyable time for everyone. 

If a family picture for a Christmas card is something that you like to do, or something that you have been "meaning to get around to", schedule it now.  Don't wait until it is too close to the holiday when the photographers are all booked, and the card websites are backlogged. 

Crossing this off your Christmas to do list, can help to make the holiday a little less stressful.  Extra bonus = all of the Fall colors make for a beautiful backdrop, especially with two beautiful red heads!

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