Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Become a tour guide!

"I would love to be organized, but my family always fights me.".  Oh how often I hear this!  "You must have a very organized husband", people tell me.  I love my husband, and have since the first time I saw him when I was 14 years old, but organized is not a word I would use to describe him.  He comes from a very Italian household where his mother did everything for him.  I do believe that he was 19 years old before he had ever even changed a toilet paper roll. 

We were both very young and inexperienced when we were married so learning how to run a household was something that we both needed to learn how to do.  To be a successful couple, family, and household, we have had to divide and conquer to find our balance.
When it comes to organizing the household, that is my territory, and is something that we discussed in advance.  If there are changes to be made in the routine, or finding the best place for the wrapping paper, it is up to me.

Because of our division of duties, it behoves the family to be respectful of any changes or organizing that I do.  I however, also need to be respectful to the temperaments of my family members.  When I make changes, I keep it mind if it will work best for everyone in our family, and if they will be able to understand/read the labeling that I place on things.
Become a tour guide!  I give frequent family tours and make it very fun (at least I think so) for everyone to see mom's new thing.  That way everyone knows what is expected because of the change and why things are different.  It is at this time that we discuss as a family if everyone agrees that it is the best current option for us. 

Yes, all of this does seem like a lot of work, BUT...  I RARELY get complaints about how I run the house, and typically they follow the new routines very well.

If you have been meaning to become more organized this month, but have been cautious because of family hesitation, jump right in with this tips, and see what progress you can make as a family team!

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