Friday, September 17, 2010

It's all TOO much!!!

Overwhelmed, stressed out, confused, worried... do any of these words fit how you feel about housework, projects, errands, or organizing?  I find that by the time people contact me for help or direction, they easily fit into at least one of these categories.  Isn't it frustrating to feel immobilized by areas of our life that then lead to no progress, and the situation worsening?

My feeling is that doing ANYTHING is better than nothing.  I worked with a darling family at the beginning of the Summer.  They have three sweet daughters who had circumstances in their lives that led to understandable leniency from their parents in such things as keeping their rooms tidy and pushing them to get rid of things that were no longer being used.  Eventually it piled up.

With a family members help, and minimal direction from me, they were able to tackle their rooms.  If I recall, it took about 6 hours to complete, but their response was wonderful!  They were imagining that it would take the entire Summer to accomplish a task that actually took less than one day. 

Don't we all do this to ourselves?  We see and think the worst of things until it has paralyzed our progress.  RARELY is it as bad as we think.

This month, find an area that seems like "too much", and just start digging in.  One closet, one drawer, one bag of useless items in the trash, it is all a step forward, and certainly better than no progress at all.  Be kind to yourself, and celebrate any progress toward your goals!

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