Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A place for everything...

and everything in its place.  You have been told it a million times but it is true.  My mother used to complain to me all of the time that I left clutter all over the house (funny, now I give her organization advice).  She even had some half walls removed from the house because I was putting things on them and it drove her crazy.  The reality is, I didn't have a specific place for my clutter, so I found places, and obviously they weren't the places that my mother liked.

Does everyone in your house have a place to put their "clutter"?  My kids have this great set of hooks on their level in our wash room  (I got mine at Ikea for less than $10.00 I think).  During school, the back packs hang there.  Over the Summer, their purses were ready and waiting there with sunglasses and water bottles. 

I have four hooks installed above the kids stuff for my purses, and my husband has a designated area on the shelving for his work bag (no hook could hold his one ton laptop bag).

Want less clutter?  Give everyone a place for their things, and you may not have to remove any walls in your house!

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