Monday, August 30, 2010

Need more sleep?

Don't we all?!?  My oldest has inherited the difficulty that I have falling and staying asleep.  Because of this, she would get incredibly bored and come up with very creative answers to that boredom.  Some nights it was four hours of unsupervised television, other it was hours of playing on the Wii.  No matter the activity, it always resulted in her being exhausted and therefore ornery the next day.

Eventually it made it even harder for me to stay and fall asleep because I was constantly stressing about her waking up and sneaking out of her room.  This led to me listening all night long for footsteps or creaking doors and then there were middle of the night fights when we tried to get her back to bed.

While you may not struggle with this exact issue, we all have challenges that we have to deal with and think there is little to no hope.  We became creative, and finally, have all but solved this problem.

We found this door/window alarm at Home Depot for $15.00.  It does not prevent her bedroom door from opening, but notifies us when she does, by our selecting "chime" or "alarm".

This hasn't made it easier for my daughter to stay asleep, but when she does wake up, she is less tempted to "play" instead of trying to fall back asleep.

My husband and I are now sleeping much better as well because we aren't constantly worried about what happens if we didn't hear our daughter get up.  Now, we always hear her get up.

Be creative, there are many possible solutions to various problems.  Who knew an alarm would help our entire family sleep better! 

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