Monday, August 2, 2010

Back to School Time!

A new month, a new week, let's focus!  I have decided to have a different focus each month to help direct all of our organizational needs.  This month's focus is Back to School.  Even if you do not have school age children in your home, all of the tips this month should be able to benefit you as well.

Hard to believe, but school starts in just two weeks for my pre-schooler, and three weeks for my soon-to-be third grader!  Time to get ready.  Stick with me and it can be a smoother transition.

Please check out all of my weekly ad sales that show great organization tools for home and school, and some great Back to School sales as well.

For today, let's focus on one of the harder ones, start going to bed at the time you will need to when school starts.  That means everyone in the house, mom and dad too.  Summer time usually has all of us staying up later, but it is time to transition back so we will be as rested as possible when that bell begins to ring.  Good luck, this will be a hard one for me!

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