Sunday, July 18, 2010

While on vacation...

When staying in a hotel room, there is NEVER enough storage space, and usually no drawers in the bathroom. I found that a simple plastic “mesh” basket is the trick. Usually you can find them in the toy area with sand box toys, or sometimes in back-to-school sales for dorm shower supplies. I placed it on the small bathroom counter and stood up the items that I knew I would use most frequently (toothbrush and paste, contact solution, combs, hair products, etc). Those items that I used less frequently I kept in my toiletries bag under the counter. I had a much easier time finding what I needed, and there was still a small amount of available counter space.

The first thing I unpack at a hotel is the hand sanitizer, This trip, I also brought Lysol spray and air freshener since we had four people and only one toilet.

Most hotels have a little bit of usable storage space under the nightstand drawer. For this trip, it was the perfect fit for my daughters’ hotel entertainment.
When it comes to souvenir shopping for my kids, I like to keep it cheap, practical, small, and easy to pack. For this trip, we got the girls placemats (one of personal favorite souvenirs), and tags for their stuffed dogs. They were thrilled.

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