Monday, July 12, 2010

Shoes are a girl's best friend!

We all love shoes, but can have a hard time finding the best way to organize them so the shoes don't get smashed, and still have them visible to utilize our selection.

For most of my dress or "specialty" shoes, I have labeled containers that I stack them in. I have clear containers, but I still labeled them with a clip-art similar to the shoe
to make them easier to find and put away.
For my shoes that I use on a more frequent basis, I have yet another Real Simple product from Bed Bath and Beyond. This shoe organizer hangs full length in your closet, and holds 18 pair of shoes (you could place more than one pair in a slot if they are small), and two pair of boots. I had never seen a shoe organizer that held boots before. Also, if you are needing a quick boot tip, roll old magazines in the boots to make them stand up and not get that wrinkled look. Organizing your shoes just may give you more space, which may allow for more shoe shopping! Enjoy!

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kirstynn evans said...

Here is what I was looking for. I think you should get sponsors from BB&B and also Real Simple!