Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Enjoy your dirty laundry

I have often been accused of bringing everything including the kitchen sink with me when I travel. One of my favorite items for ease of travel is a pop up hamper. Having a place for my family to place their dirty clothes while away from home has made our traveling neater, with more space in the hotel or Grandma's house, and has made the mounds of laundry
start a little faster when we get home.

I got mine years ago, and don't really remember where I got it.
They fold completely flat, which makes them perfect for traveling!
I notice in this Sunday's ads that Walmart is having a sale on pop-up hampers that look similar to mine. They are $6 each, and at that price, I may pick up a few extra so everyone could have one in my family for those long vacations (that someday we may take).

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kirstynn evans said...

We have a vacation coming up in a few weeks, and I am going out to get one of these right away. Thank you for the tip. I think I would rather bring with my the washer and dryer, rather than the kitchen sink. I'm just sayin.