Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Create more space

I have just completed my first household project for the month!  It is a small one, but one that is really going to make a difference for me. 

1.  I went  through all of my jewelery, and got rid of things that I don't wear anymore or were in bad shape
2.  I took a small drawer in the top of my dresser and lined it with a soft velveteen fabric
Ta Da!!!  More jewelery space!  There are many ways I could have gone about giving myself more space for my accessories, but this one worked well for me.  I got to use my new AMAZING glue gun that my husband got me for Christmas, and was able to choose whatever fabric I liked. 

This projected didn't take long, and isn't a permanent change for my drawer.  I can easily use it for clothing if I like, but the soft fabric now gives me the option to put jewelry in a place that won't scratch it, and it is plush enough that things won't slide around when the drawer gets opened and closed.

Big or small, household projects can make a big difference.  Look around and find the right sized project for you and your household!

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