Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What to do with all of those scraps of paper?

They call it scrapbooking, but that mean tons of SCRAPS of things.  What to do with all of it?  I organize all of my paper (be it scrap or full page) by color in a cabinet in hanging file folders.  Obviously not every scrap of paper is worth saving.  Those that I feel are big enough to save I do.  These scraps have come in handy tons of times.  They may work well on cards, scrapbook page decorations, or in kids projects.

I also store stickers in this same file folder system.  I only separate them by alphabet and other, and that has worked well for me so far.  It also works well when my youngest wants to make a card for her Daddy's up coming birthday.  She was thrilled to sort through all of my scraps and stickers to make her own masterpiece.

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