Saturday, October 2, 2010

Time to get crafty!

The focus for the month of October
is Craft Organization!

Even if you do not consider yourself a "crafty" person, this month is still for you. Paper, pens, markers, and glue, we ALL need to have these items on hand, but not cluttering up the house.
Thank you notes, wrapping paper and ribbon. Stamps and ink pads, fabric, patterns, mending and sewing items. What to do with it all? Stick with me this month and improve an area that is a common problem.


kirstynn evans said...

I need you this month! I know that Christmas is around the corner, and the usually means crafts... or crap cluttering up the house. PLEASE... HELP ME!!!!

Vanessa said...

This is soooo for me! Waiting anxiously for future posts!