Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Where do I start?

I recently was able to visit with a great family member who lives out of state. She was telling me how much she was enjoying my blog (THANKS for that!), but didn't know where to start. She loved the "Girl in a Whirl" poem in the first post, and agrees that we can't do it all, but when you WANT to have it all organized, where do you start? GREAT QUESTION!!

When I do in home consultations, I have a print out of basic questions that help me to answer that very question. To make it simple, I will narrow it down to two questions... What IS working? What is NOT working?

Even though it is a very simple question, I think that it is one that we do not stop and ask ourselves enough, and make the necessary adjustments to enhance or change those answers.

So, when you ask yourself these questions, write the answers down! Push yourself, something HAS to be working. Figure out what those areas are and think of why they are working for you. Is it because it is simple, small, maybe that you have a large area to contain something, etc.

What isn't working? If you want to jump to say EVERYTHING, back up a minute and really go through it. Are you always loosing your keys? Is your pantry a disaster? Do you trip over children's toys and clutter all day? When you have written down your list, number the items. What is bothering you the MOST, then start there.

E-mail me, or put up a comment if you are having trouble with these questions. Or, when you have come up with your most important area to focus on, and don't know where to start to improve this area, ask me for my thoughts. Together we can make these things better! :)


dawn said...

My kitchen pantry, then my food storage shelves. HELP!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog.(and you, too)

kirstynn evans said...

You are uber amazing! Seriously... can you move back to Pa. Then at least we would share time zones! :(

Craft Envy said...

I have a craft room problem!!! Too many activities that need to be organized in the same space and I feel overwhelmed! So there you go. My craft room is my problem.